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Things Taylor Swift Ruined For Everyone Else

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Taylor Swift is great singer-songwriter who has crafted plenty of really good songs, but the one thing she truly excels at is taking something cool and running it into the ground. It doesn’t matter what it is, if Taylor Swift gets her hands on something cool then she immediately rings it dry in what seems like an attempt to bleed the world of anything fun. Of all the things Taylor Swift ruined, Tom Hiddleston may have suffered the most. Before dating Swift he was at the top of his game, an actor on the precipice of breathing the rarified air of someone who could star in big budget smash ‘em ups while still appearing in critically acclaimed art pieces. But the moment the world saw him in photos with Swift they gave him a big thumbs down while blowing a raspberry and he just couldn’t shake it off. You may not want to admit it, but the one person at fault for turning his career into a blank space was Taylor Swift.

The "Bad Blood" singer doesn’t just have the power to ruin the careers of the people she surrounds herself with, she can also make entire concepts uncool. How do you feel about vacationing, romance, or dancing? After learning how Swift destroyed these concepts you used to love, you can direct your hate towards the young lady who’s living out her wildest dreams (Swift). And those are just a few of the things Taylor Swift made uncool. 

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    All Forms Of Dance - Specifically Twerking

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    Did Taylor Swift kill the twerk? It's possible. The video for "Shake It Off" has been described as more intelligent people as being problematic for Swift's appropriation of twerking, but her cultural appropriation isn't the only problem with that video. She spends the entirety of the video pulling faces like Jim from The Office whenever professionally trained dancers do the thing that she's paying them to do. It doesn't matter what style of dancing she awkwardly stands in the middle of, be it hip hop, ballet, or avant-garde, Swift goes out of her way to tell the audience, "this is dumb." And her bad attempt at twerking officially killed it as means to be "cool." 

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    The Idea Of The Approachable Celebrity

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    One of the greatest misconceptions in the modern world is that stars are just like us. They're not. If you believe you could be friends with Taylor Swift, you can't. You've simply bought into the idea that Taylor Swift wants to be your best friend because everything she does is calculated to hit you right in the friend's zone. Thanks to Swift's workshopped method of friendly hypnosis we'll never be able to trust another celebrity who seems like they might be fun to hang out with. She's even made Tom Hanks seem disingenuous and that should be considered a crime against humanity. 

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    As a proponent of girl power, Taylor Swift puts herself in a position to influence attitudes about and towards feminism and women, whether she likes it or not. Because of her lackluster feminist statements, "squads" of mostly white, skinny, and conventionally attractive friends, and a poorly managed victim complex, she portrays the empowered woman as someone who's hot, kinda racist, and a bit whiny. The only time she ever speaks up on the issues of misogyny and sexism are when they affect her directly, which isn't very intersectional, which consequently is not feminist. Already a struggle in itself, feminism doesn't need to be complicated by Swift's self-serving agenda. Everyone saw Kim's Snapchat, Taylor, and knows you're a victim in the same way Robert Durst is innocent. 

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    Donald Glover's Deadpool

    Superhero fans were thrilled to learn Donald Glover was working on a Deadpool television show for FX, but it was nixed in late March 2018 over "creative differences." Later, however, Donald Glover's brother claimed on Twitter that there was a script circulating that featured Taylor Swift. Apparently, this was the final straw for the network and they pulled the plug on the project. 

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