Waiters And Waitresses Reveal The Most Annoying Things Customers Do Without Even Thinking

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Restaurant workers, vote up the most irritating things you have to deal with.

Being a waiter or waitress can be a thankless and exhausting job. Long hours, bad tips, and rude customers can make the whole thing a pretty miserable experience. True, not all diners hurl abuse at their servers, but sometimes it's the smaller things customers do that waiters hate. It might even be something the patron thought was helpful, like stacking up the empty plates. Unfortunately, they probably didn't do it right, spelling even more work for whoever is clearing the table.

There are so many things customers do that waitresses hate. Think you might secretly be a bad diner? Keep reading, and you'll learn all the ways you're annoying your server. If you've ever worked in the restaurant industry, these stories will be both relatable and infuriating.