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The Nerdiest Things That Will Never Be Cool

Updated 4 Aug 2020 52.3k votes 4.0k voters 45.8k views56 items

List RulesVote up the geeky hobbies and interests that will never break away from their nerdy roots into mainstream culture - and vote down the ones that have already become so cool, even basic bitches will cop up to liking them.

In the last decade, the world has become inundated with nerd culture. Superhero movies reign at the box office, The Big Bang Theory is a constant ratings winner, and San Diego Comic-Con is a nerd Mecca attracting pilgrims from all around the world. But still, there are a few nerdy things that haven’t taken the world by storm, and that will probably never have hipster cachet.

Unless there’s a massive tidal shift, nerdy past times like coding, cartography, and playing in a ska band are never going to become sellable commodities the way that video games and Game of Thrones have. Check out this list and see how your nerd cred stacks up against these nerdy things that will never become cool.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you said something along the lines of “Star Wars used to be cool, before all the fake nerds got to it.” Rest assured, none of the items on this list will ever become cool. No one’s going to make a blockbuster movie about Magic: The Gathering any time soon. Vote up the nerdy things that still haven’t become cool and feel free to add some nerdy things of your own to the list.
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