Things That Aren't Nerdy Anymore

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From the 1950s until the end of the 20th century, being considered a nerd was about as good as having the Black Plague. If you were a nerd, people thought you were a social pariah and probably kicked sand in your face or broke your glasses. But after the turn of the millennium it suddenly became cool to be a nerd. It was like instead of all the computers breaking from Y2K, we entered an alternate dimension where nerdy stuff was cool and cool stuff was suddenly nerdy. Suddenly jocks were watching Star Wars and crocheting sweaters with the names of their favorites sports ball teams - life sure is weird. Other than science fiction and fancy sewing, here’s a list of other things that aren’t nerdy anymore.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when the public’s perception of the nerd, geeks, and geeky nerd culture shifted, but when things changed they changed in a big way. Comic-Con became the new Super Bowl, and E3 exploded into the NBA finals. But it’s not just the giant conferences that have become the bee’s knees among the hoi polloi, everything from gardening, to home brewing, and even the concept of dressing well has become super cool, and this is just the tip of the nerd iceberg.

This list compiles everything that’s no longer nerdy for your enjoyment. You can even vote up the stuff that’s gone from nerdy to cool, and add the nerdy thing that you do that’s been taken over by the cool kids and mainstream pop culture to this list.

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