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21 Things You're Doing Without Knowing They Give You Bad Luck

Updated November 6, 2017 28.5k views21 items

Does it seem like, no matter what you do, bad luck just seems to follow you around? Well, maybe it's because you’re doing the things on this list of little-know bad luck superstitions. Just because you're accidentally bringing it upon yourself, doesn't make the bad luck any less terrible. But maybe once you know about these things, you can turn your life around.

Chances are, you're doing at least half of these things that bring bad luck. In fact, some of them are things you didn't even know cause bad luck. For example: do you just kick your shoes off and leave them lying around, even if they're overturned? Have you broken a plate? Do you point at rainbows? Luckily/sfor you, acknowledging these causes of bad luck are the first step to changing your future!

It's time to change your luck - check out this list of all the things you're doing that are causing your bad luck.

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    Pointing at Rainbows

    There may be a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but if you point at one, it will only end in bad luck.

    Where does this idea come from? First of all, pointing is rude. Second of all, Raymond L. Lee Jr., co-author of The Rainbow Bridge, explained that it's because a rainbow "has such power. You can’t touch it, [so if you] point at it, you’re messing with the divine — and the divine will make you pay.”

    Um, chill out? Maybe people who point out a beautiful rainbow just want to share this moment with their friends.
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    Taking Lava Rocks or Sand from Hawaii

    The Legend of Pele's Curse says that taking lava rocks or sand from Hawaii will cause bad luck until the elements are returned to the islands. According to The Huffington Post, every year hundreds of visitors send packages of lava rocks and sand back to Hawaii because of the fear of bad luck.

    More likely, some native Hawaiians noticed some Europeans trying to jack their natural resources, so they wanted to scare them off with a curse. Smart move. Are a few rocks worth risking a confrontation with the Fire Goddess Pele? Nope.
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    Breaking Plates

    Think before you shout "mazel tov" and throw a plate on the ground in China. According to Chinese culture, breaking a plate is a bad omen. So if you break a plate, you should immediately counter the bad effects by saying “fa hoi fu gui” which means “may prosperity blossom."  Of course, if you break a plate in someone else's home, you should probably add an apology onto the end of that.
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    Stirring Tea with Anything Other Than a Spoon

    There's a Scottish superstition that says it's bad luck to stir tea with anything other than a spoon. According to Twinings, the handle of a fork or any other stirring device stirs up trouble for the one doing the drinking. No word yet on what Scottish superstition says about spooning leading to forking.