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21 Things You're Doing Without Knowing They Give You Bad Luck

Updated September 23, 2021 28.5k views21 items
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Does it seem like, no matter what you do, bad luck just seems to follow you around? Well, maybe it's because you’re doing the things on this list of little-know bad luck superstitions. Just because you're accidentally bringing it upon yourself, doesn't make the bad luck any less terrible. But maybe once you know about these things, you can turn your life around.

Chances are, you're doing at least half of these things that bring bad luck. In fact, some of them are things you didn't even know cause bad luck. For example: do you just kick your shoes off and leave them lying around, even if they're overturned? Have you broken a plate? Do you point at rainbows? Luckily/sfor you, acknowledging these causes of bad luck are the first step to changing your future!

It's time to change your luck - check out this list of all the things you're doing that are causing your bad luck.

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    Hanging Laundry at Night

    Femmstyle explains that according to the rules of Feng Shui, hanging laundry after the sun goes down attracts excessive yin energies in the night. Yin energy is known to be "lifeless" energy. Is that why ghosts always wear sheets? At least they're clean.
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    Sticking Chopsticks Directly Into Your Bowl

    According to CNN Travel, you shouldn't rest your chopsticks upright in your bowl. In Chinese culture, the upright chopsticks are "reminiscent of the incense sticks" that are burned in memory of lost ones. This is totally inappropriate at the dinner table, as thinking about dead people often puts guests off their meal.
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    Taking Parsley to a Dinner Party

    As Bon Appetit explains, bringing parsley to a dinner party brings bad luck. Obviously! Imagine showing up to a dinner party with just parsley? The bad luck comes in the form of the host kicking you out for being so cheap.
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    Fidgeting in Your Chair

    If you're a person who fidgets and is prone to shaking your legs, you might want to stop, and not just because the person in the seat in front of you is annoyed.

    According to this Quora thread, shaking your legs kicks away your wealth and prosperity. Having idle legs that are free to wiggle around and dangle means you've got time to kill and aren't working, and thus you are "losing valuable time and avoiding work."