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Things That Bug Fans of Orange Is the New Black


Orange is the New Black is full of strong, nuanced female characters who exist in a setting that's rife with drama. From privileged white girl Piper Chapman to deranged but lovable Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren, fans of the show have become attached to the daily conflicts, crises, and relationships going on in Litchfield Penitentiary. OITNB has gained the devotion of viewers along with critical acclaim and some pretty impressive awards - you can also check out more shows like it here. But that doesn't mean the Netflix juggernaut is perfect. In fact, there's so much about the show that totally annoys fans, no matter how much they love the characters and stories.

For starters, how obnoxious is Piper?! Creator Jenji Kohan is oft-quoted for calling Chapman a "trojan horse" versus a heroine. Thankfully, the focus has continued to slowly move away from Piper, as Kohan uses her story to widen the lens onto some great characters (like Suzanne, Sophia, and Flaca), as well as some less savory ones (one word: Pornstache). Still, even those riveting and complicated characters sometimes have storylines that just don't leave us satisfied.

It's not that Orange Is the New Black sucks, it's just that it's not perfect. Maybe our expectations are just too high. Still, as fans, we can't help but complain about the worst parts of our favorite show.

If you're not all caught up, set yourself up in your own makeshift SHU and binge on the latest season before reading (even the annoying parts). Here's a list of some aspects of the show that could use a little tweaking.  Do you agree?


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    Bennett's Disappearance

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    Like Daya, fans everywhere developed feelings for Bennett, the seemingly loving prison guard, and were just as shocked as her when he drove off into the distance. Even actor Matt McGorry was baffled. First off, it felt so out of character for the stand-up, decent character. Then, there was no follow-up or even any specific reason for why, exactly, he decided to leave. Plus, his disappearance collectively broke hearts and left the one real love story on the show hanging in the air. 

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    The Poussey Problem

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    Sure, any good series should keep the dramatic thread pulled tight, and losses are part of the deal, but why didn’t the inmates rush Bayley and help Poussey or at least attempt to, even if the end result was the same? And why the obvious setting P up for a fall with the promise of a new life with Soso and a job via Judy King? That felt very network-y, not Netflix-y. Also, many have called the death “trauma voyeurism” and “emotional porn.” Others say it’s a reflection of the times. And those in the LGBTQ community see it as another example of the Bury Your Gays trope.

    Why Poussey? Her death helped push the inmates over the edge and set up Season 5 as well as broke hearts across the land. Still, it sucks and that’s just the reason Samira Wiley should have stayed on TV. She played Poussey with such grace and depth, her death seems like a cheap shot. It’s great to see Wiley moving on to other things, but Litchfield just won’t be the same without her. Neither will Taystee or Soso.

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    Piper Is Getting Worse, Not Better

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    Season 4 sees Piper continuing to suck. Jenji Kohan and the writers have a plan, surely, but unless Piper finds a new angle or purpose, just ship her off to supermax or release her already. Her intimidating-prison-leader thing bugged. And her perpetual panties in a literal twist is a snore fest at this point. Also, even if they have mad chemistry, Piper is bad for Alex.

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    How Annoying Piper Actually Is

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    Season 1 Piper was the doe-eyed privileged white girl whose fish-out-of-water story was the initial entryway for viewers into the unfamiliar territory of a women's prison. But as viewers came to understand the dynamics of the environment more, all that quickly faded. Now, viewers are finally realizing that she's entitled, oblivious, self-obsessed, and straight-up annoying. Plus, she completely lacks any form of self-awareness. Even when she started to adapt to prison life by profiting off her panty business, she sabotaged Stella's (Ruby Rose) release and landed right back on everyone's shit list. 

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