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10 Non-Sexual Things That Have Been Known To Cause Spontaneous Orgasms

Everyone gets off to slightly different things, and there are more fetishes than can be counted. You can have orgasms without sex, and there are plenty of weird things that cause orgasms when it comes to toys or kinky play. However, did you know you can have an orgasm without any sexual reason whatsoever? Spontaneous orgasms can be caused by medication, nerve issues, brain disorders, or by your body just getting confused as to what it's experiencing. You may even be able to get off just from thinking about it hard enough.

It probably goes without saying that not everyone can experience spontaneous orgasms, but a surprising number of people, especially women, can and do. Whether it's because of external or internal circumstances, spontaneous orgasms can be enjoyable, but they can also be a serious issue. For many people, these types of orgasms can be a pain rather than a pleasure.

If non-sexual orgasms still sound like something you might be into, read on. It may shock and even disgust you to see what some people suddenly get off to.

  • Working Out

    Arnold Schwarzenegger once said that workouts were basically like orgasms for him, and that's not too far from the truth. Sometimes called a "coregasm" abdominal workouts and weightlifting that requires constantly tensing your core have been shown to cause orgasms. This happens more commonly with women, but it can happen with men too. The reason for this is that there is an intense release of endorphins people get from working out, and breath/muscle control can force the pelvic floor to move in ways that create sexual pleasure, though we don't fully understand it yet. In other words, working out is good for your body and good for your libido. 

    Let's say you're not into pumping iron though. Can exercise still get you an orgasm? People also report that doing yoga has helped them achieve spontaneous orgasm, so maybe you too can change that "om" to "oh!"

  • Parkinson's Medication

    Having Parkinson's disease can be a completely debilitating problem, and can limit your mobility and your lifestyle. With medication, you can improve your conditions, and on rare occasion, you can even get sexual pleasure from them. That's right, certain Parkinson's medication can cause spontaneous orgasms!

    In one case involving a 42-year-old woman, this pleasure from medication actually became a problem. She had been taking the drug Rasagiline for seven days when she started to notice changes. She began experiencing hyperarousal, then began experiencing at least five orgasms daily, some of which lasted up to 20 seconds. This was a major problem - and entirely unwanted - so she was forced to switch medication. Doctors think this side effect has to do with a release of dopamine in the brain, but it's still not clear why that triggers spontaneous orgasms.

  • Childbirth

    It's hard to imagine anything more painful than childbirth. But some experts say that it can still be a pleasurable experience, and that women can even have orgasms during the process! In fact, the number is higher than you might think. A whopping six percent of women who were surveyed said they had experienced an orgasm during childbirth.

    The reason this occurs is that the two brain regions that are active during extreme pain are the same ones that are active during an orgasm. These two parts of the brain, the cingulate cortex and the insula, can both become stimulated during childbirth, especially considering they both receive signals from the same area of the body. Why this happens the way it does and why it happens to certain women and not others is still hotly debated by scientists.

  • Nerve Damage

    One anonymous woman had a medical condition that required extensive work to be done on her feet as treatment. As her feet healed, she found she was having orgasms multiple times per day, just from stimulation of her feet, which included touching, rubbing, and even walking! It wasn't horrible enough that it altered her life greatly, but it was enough that she went to medical professionals for assistance.

    Doctors now believe this was triggered when treatment on her feet confused the nerve messages going to her brain, and the brain began to believe that messages of foot sensation were actually coming from the vagina. She explained the sensation as short lived, but pleasurable for about five seconds at a time.