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10 Non-Sexual Things That Have Been Known To Cause Spontaneous Orgasms

Updated 1 Oct 2019 86.3k views10 items

Everyone gets off to slightly different things, and there are more fetishes than can be counted. You can have orgasms without sex, and there are plenty of weird things that cause orgasms when it comes to toys or kinky play. However, did you know you can have an orgasm without any sexual reason whatsoever? Spontaneous orgasms can be caused by medication, nerve issues, brain disorders, or by your body just getting confused as to what its experiencing. You may even be able to get off just from thinking about it hard enough.

It probably goes without saying that not everyone can experience spontaneous orgasms, but a surprising number of people, especially women, can and do. Whether it's because of external or internal circumstances, spontaneous orgasms can be enjoyable, but it can also be a serious issue. For many people, these types of orgasms can be a pain rather than a pleasure.

If non-sexual orgasms still sound like something you might be into, read on. It may shock and even disgust you to see what some people suddenly get off to.

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