WATCH Things That Happen On EVERY Single Episode Of The Walking Dead  

Kellie Kreiss

The Walking Dead has a little bit of everything - romance, adventure, guns, violence, and - you guessed it - zombies galore. But what else does it have? The. Same. Storyline. Every. Single. Freakin'. Episode.

Will you watch the next episode of The Walking Dead? Yes, of course you will, but chances are you already know exactly what is going to happen. Like many fads of modern television, the plot twists and inherent character-driven drama that pushes the show on season after season isn't as complex as its directors would like you to believe.

Someone will become entrenched in a tumultuous personal journey, there will be an overly brutal zombie death scene, and there will be some sort of drama related to Daryl Dixon's crossbow.

Still not convinced? See if this video helps connect the undead dots for you.