Things That Introverts Have The Hardest Time With

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This is not a regular peeves list, please only vote if you are an introvert
Hi introverts! (You non-introverts don't have to read this, go back to being cheerful or chatting in elevators or whatever). Speaking as one of you, I think I can ask you this because I feel your pain in those social situations that seem to cause normal people no distress whatsoever. What's the worst? The absolute worst thing about your daily grind? The thing that makes you want to curl up under your desk or flatten yourself into the wallpaper in the hopes you will suddenly gain the powers of a chameleon? Vote on the things that make you wish you could turn invisible on command... and add the things I've missed. Rerank them in the order of worst to least worst, if you feel strongly enough about it!
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    Not Enough Alone Time

    It's tough to live in an increasingly connected world when you need alone time to recharge.

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    Overthinking Every Interaction

    Introverts tend to overanalyze, meaning you can easily get lost in your head by examining everything far too much. 

  • Nothing terrifies you more than, "Let's all go around the room and say something interesting about ourselves." 

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    People with loud voices

  • Introverts prefer specific types of social interaction. That doesn't mean they shun it. 

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    Having to Participate in Icebreaker Activities

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    Having To Repeat Yourself

    It was stressful enough saying something the first time. 

  • 8

    Parties Full of Strangers

    Parties are a field of landmines: remembering names and casual conversation.
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    Being called out in a meeting to answer a question.

    all eyes turn to you...

  • 10

    When You're Having Down Time and Someone Comes Over to Speak to You

    Most of the time, you don't want to chat with a coworker on your lunch break. 

  • 11

    Starting a new job or class.

  • 12


    Nothing feels more agonizing than a forced conversation for the sake of selling yourself.
  • 13

    Keeping in Touch With People

    You genuinely want to keep up with loved ones, but reaching out takes time and energy. 

  • 14

    Being Regarded As a Snob or Aloof Because You're Quiet.

  • 15

    Simultaneously Looking Forward To And Dreading A Fun Event

    A looming party/happy hour/celebration inspires dread and has you sweating.
  • 16

    Needing Validation But Hating Attention

    You need reassurance too, but compliments and praise mean an uncomfortable amount of attention. 

  • It's not that you don't want to spend time with them. You just desperately need a few hours to yourself. 

  • 18

    Small Talk

    At the coffee machine or in an elevator, "How's it going?" are the most dreaded words in existence.
  • 19

    When People Ask "Are You Ok" Just Because You're Quiet

    Just because you're quiet doesn't mean there's something wrong.

  • 20

    People Trying to Talk To You When You Are Reading

    You brought the book specifically so no one would try to talk to you... 

  • 21

    Being Told To "Smile"

    It gets old. 

  • 22

    People Who Can't Handle Silence

    Silence does not have to be filled all the time. Sometimes, you can have a natural lull in the conversation and it's ok.

  • 23

    Returning To Work After a Long Vacation

    Everyone hates returning from a vacation. But when socialization is already hard for you, getting back into the swing of daily interactions is extra exhausting. 

  • 24

    Being Interrupted Because You Paused To Think

    Just because you took a second to think doesn't mean you were done talking. 

  • 25

    People Who Can't Tolerate the Fact That You Do Things Differently

    Introversion is not a problem to be solved.