60+ Everyday Objects That Look Really Happy

The perfect smiley face photos for a bad (or awesome) day! What could be nicer than finding a smiling face at the bottom of your coffee mug? How about living in a house that looks super excited to see you every time you come home? These super happy inanimate objects have got you covered. It's literally impossible to be in a bad mood after perusing these photos of excited (if not totally real) face.

 When our eyes play tricks on us, we can see everything from sailboats in the clouds to Biblical figures in dog butt fur. This is a simple gallery of pics of everyday things that look like they are happy. There are foods and seashells, furniture and electric equipment, planes and boats and sticks. Vote up the things (the cute pareidolia pictures) that look most pleased just to be nominated.

  • 1. This Orchid

    This Orchid
    Photo: Twitter
    960 votes
  • 2. These Birds

    These Birds
    Photo: Reddit
    940 votes
  • 3. This Sleepy Loaf

    This Sleepy Loaf
    Photo: Twitter
    860 votes
  • 4. This Caterpillar

    This Caterpillar
    Photo: Twitter
    852 votes
  • 5. This Sunset

    This Sunset
    Photo: Twitter
    905 votes
  • 6. This Plane Waiting to Be Fixed

    This Plane Waiting to Be Fixed
    Photo: Pinterest
    802 votes