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Accidental Dicks Seen in the Wild

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You know how sometimes things aren't exactly what they appear? Find all the confirmation you need of this age-old truth via these pictures of everyday things that accidentally look like penises. Scroll on down and feast your eyes on vegetables, architecture, office supplies, and other everyday objects that look like members.
Here you'll behold one of the finest collections of accidental members ever assembled. As it turns out, things that look phallic can be found lurking in all manner of places — from the depths of the darkest cave to the clouds of the sky. Rest assured, we’ve left no stone unturned, as even some of the stones themselves look suggestive.
So gear up to see some of the finest accidental members the world at large has to offer. Whether they were discovered lurking in the wild or accidentally crafted by a day-dreaming construction crew, we’ve searched them out and assembled them into an internet shrine to accidentally phallic objects everywhere. Gather up your pals, retreat to a dark corner of the office where your boss isn't prone to lurk, and get ready for a mid-day giggle.