Facebook Frustrations: What Made You Want To Quit The Social Network For Good?  

Ryleigh Nucilli
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Facebook: whether you love it or hate it, few can argue against the claim that the social networking site has become an almost unrivaled mode of internet communication since it was launched in 2004. However, far from simply being a way for geographically distant friends and family members to share life updates and cute kitten videos, Facebook has evolved into a major source for news, political disagreement, and aggregate data collection.

As news about Facebook and scandals involving Facebook mount and other social networking platforms ascend in popularity, some users are making the choice to leave Facebook for good. Why leave Facebook? In reality, the reasons for departure abound. For some, it's the sense that their personal data is not safe and is being used for purposes with which they do not agree. For others, it's the feeling that the social platform has become less social and more antisocial. Still, for others, it's a combination of many factors.

But what about you? What's made you want to quit Facebook for good?

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It has become too much of an echo chamber for uninformed opinions.
I've seen ads that make me feel like Facebook has breached my privacy.
There are too many ads in my News Feed.
The same posts keep showing up at the top of my News Feed.
Facebook’s news editors were revealed to be biased in 2016, and I no longer trust that the content they show me is unbiased.
The Cambridge Analytica scandal has made me distrust Facebook with my personal data.
I don't like sharing private information about my life on it.
Too many people are getting their data stolen, and I don't want to be next.
It bans users and accounts who I don't think deserve to be banned.
I get news and entertainment in my News Feed that isn't relevant to me.
Facebook is supposed to connect people, but I often leave it feeling more alone.
I use it as a distraction from reality, and I don't think that's healthy.
I've had too many political disagreements with those I'm close to, and it's making real-life interactions uncomfortable.
People with whom I don't want to connect keep contacting me.
Other social media platforms are more fun, relevant, and protect my privacy better.
The people I want to be in touch with no longer use it.
Russia used it to influence US elections.
I've seen too many posts that make other people's lives seem great and make me feel worse about my own.
I don't understand how to control my privacy settings and am worried strangers can see personal information I'd rather them not.
I no longer see enough news and entertainment in my News Feed.