The Non-Sexual Things That Mean Someone Is Probably Good At Sex

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Is there really any way to tell if someone is good at sex without sleeping with them first? Regardless how you feel, whether or not you are compatible with someone in bed can be a major deal breaker for any relationship. But how to really know if someone is good at sex seems relatively impossible. Some believe that having big hands and other physical attributes are an indicator that men may be hiding a pretty big package. But size isn't everything. Most of the time skill is more important.

Rather than equating looks with sexual skill, maybe people should be thinking about what makes someone good in bed. Many different skills have been associated with someone's sexual prowess. Having a way with musical instruments, athleticism, or cooking skills are just a few things people believe indicate a partner may be good in bed. Others believe more personality-based attributes are important when you're sleeping with someone. Being kind, funny, smart or empathetic can go a long way when you're getting intimate between the sheets. So, what is the truth when it comes to these non-sex things? Listed below is a roundup of popular myths and beliefs that people think indicates someone is good at sex - all thanks to the commenters on AskReddit. The only way to know is from experience. So, what are the truest non-sex things that mean you are good at sex?
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    You have a good sense of humor/are able to laugh at yourself

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    You have good hygiene

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    You're intelligent

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    You have empathy for others

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    You can pet a dog properly

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    You give good massages