Random Things That Triggered Our Interest In History

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Vote up the books, games, shows, movies, or other items that sparked your interest in history.

Anything can trigger an interest in history. An image, an idea, a character – the smallest particle of knowledge can set off our desire to know more about some era of the past. A viewing of The Mummy might spark a yen to know more about ancient Egypt just as much as a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or a photo of Nefertiti's portrait glimpsed in a textbook.

Childhood gaming sessions of "Axis and Allies" could be the gateway to a more serious, sustained interest in World War II. Even fantasy can provide the way in - whether it's Greek mythology or Game of Thrones, fictional exaggerations of historical reality can lead us to eventually explore the real thing. (And discovering all the inaccuracies can be half the fun!)

Below are a few hundred items in any medium - books, movies, games, TV shows, even rock music - that helped us find our way into a fresh historical topic, whether in childhood or adulthood. Vote up the ones that piqued your historical interest too!

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