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Things That Will Actually Make You Care About Climate Change

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Fully grasping the scope of the effects of climate change can be tricky. They are frequently put in general terms and are so global that it's hard to truly understand them on a small scale. Sure ice is melting somewhere out there and things are broadly ~happening~, but how will climate change affect you on a personal level? This list brings global warming and climate change right to your door and details the things that might actually make you care, albeit for selfish reasons.

The consequences of climate change are varied - whether your favorite food is disappearing, or your flights are getting longer, the effects of global warming can create actual problems for you on a day to day basis - something that might grab your attention a bit more than the broader effects might. For instance, are you ready for a lizard uprising while cute baby bunnies vanish? What about declining quality in maple syrup and cognac?

Take a look at the consequences of global warming below, and vote up the selfish reasons to stop global warming that will finally get you to take up the cause.
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    Ticks And Fleas Will Be More Pervasive

    In adapting to climate change, ticks and fleas are getting smaller, but they're also getting more numerous, meaning they have many more chances to affect your pet's health, whether from Lyme disease, heartworm, something even more insidious.
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    There Might Be Fewer Awesome Penguins

    Photo: Michael Van Woert, NOAA NESDIS, ORA / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain
    Penguins are awesome. Few people would disagree with that statement. The problem? Warming global temperatures are making it much more difficult for penguins to mate.
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    Droughts Will Become More Prevalent

    The drought that has plagued California is only the beginning. As temperatures rise, other states will start seeing more consistent drought conditions as well. Not to mention worldwide, where droughts are already affecting populations.
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    Beaches Might Disappear

    Like, a lot of them. With the rising sea levels, many beaches tourists and locals enjoy today could be gone tomorrow. The change in climate washes away the sand, meaning those soft sandy beaches may turn into rocky, unpleasant shores - and some may end up completely under water should levels rise significantly.
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