20 Facts That Will Ruin Your Childhood

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When you're growing up, most of your time is spent in an idyllic bubble made of childhood adventures, imaginary friends, ice cream, and puppies. Unless you lived in a Dickensian wasteland, your childhood was probably relatively enjoyable. If you spent your formative years in the '90s, you not only had access to great Disney films, but there were teenage turtles who were also mutants and ninjas.

There were also numerous life-affirming movies featuring teen geniuses who were wise beyond their years. But like that gross ear in Blue Velvet, this list is here to pull back the curtain of your beatific childhood and reveal the dark secrets that bubbled beneath your favorite pieces of pop culture. These hard facts might not be fun to learn, but knowledge is power, people.

Whether you grew up on classic children's fairy tales or the stories created by the Disney Company, you may be surprised to learn you don't know the whole truth and, in some instances, were definitely lied to. The disturbing facts on this list are sure to make you look back on your childhood in a new light. Whether it's where Air Bud is today or the disturbing minds of Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney, and the guy who directed The Wizard of Oz, it turns out the bliss of childhood isn't so blissful when you learn the truth.

It's time to be the adult you are today and face the facts behind your childhood favorite movies, TV shows, stories, and fairy tales with this list. Vote up the most interesting facts below that totally ruin your memories of being a kid, and try not to think about what that little piggy was doing at the market for the rest of your life.