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11 Bizarre Happenings From Spider-Man's Youth That Won't Show Up In The MCU

Updated 12 Nov 2019 508.5k views11 items

For many people, Spider-Man: Homecoming ranks as one of the best superhero movies ever made. Not only does the movie provide lots of youthful web-slinging action, but it also represents Spidey’s true arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following his brief preview in Captain America: Civil War. The film’s creators avoided the oft-depicted Spider-Man origin story, instead hopping feet-first into the early days of Spidey’s crimefighting career.

Spider-Man’s backstory is classic, and the multiple iterations of said story over the past half-century have only added to the potential plot details that future films could pilfer. However, the screenwriters involved will no doubt have to judiciously choose which parts of Spider-Man’s past they actually bring to the silver screen. After all, with decades of publishing history, Spider-Man has been through some difficult things, and not everything from his youth is appropriate for Hollywood.

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