On What Things Should The President Have Sole Decision-Making Power?

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Vote up the issues you'd like the President to be able to unilaterally decide upon; vote down the ones you don't want dealt with that way.

Article II of the Constitution outlines the US President's right to broad control and discretionary power within the Executive Branch of the US government. This is referred to as the "executive power" of the office of the President; the term most closely associated with this concept – "executive order" – doesn't actually show up in the language of the Constitution. Moreover, per a Supreme Court decision, a President's exercise of executive power through executive orders is still bound to the Constitution. That is, executive orders must still adhere to the rules, rights, and amendments of the Constitution.

But what if that wasn't the case? What if the President could make unilateral decisions about the most important social issues or crises of a given moment? In this imagined scenario, which issues would you like to see the President exercise unilateral executive power to make happen?

Vote up the issues you would support the US President making solo decisions on; vote down the ones you wouldn't want that process to apply to.

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    34 votes

    Nothing; the President should not be able to unilaterally decide on anything.

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    40 votes

    Repealing previous presidents' executive orders

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    31 votes

    Legalizing marijuana

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    34 votes

    Creating tariffs on the import of international products

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    24 votes

    Appointing Supreme Court justices

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    15 votes

    Brokering deals and negotiating with foreign powers