17 Things the World Is Running Out Of

Rapid population growth, climate change, high demand for food, manufacturing, and the economic crisis have left the world in dire shortage of a number of critical things. Some of these, like water, soil, and antibiotics, are things we can't live out. Others, like bacon, bourbon, and coffee are things we could actually live without, but the survivors would envy the dead. Here are also the cutest animals that are endangered and foods we love that might be gone soon

The importance of conserving resources and reusing when possible has never been higher. While the bad economy is starting to abate, we're just starting to see the effects of global climate change. And our insatiable appetite for stuff, particularly electronics, is having a profound impact on the cost of materials. Sometimes, these shortages can be reversed, such as when high demand naturally goes down, or better alternatives are introduced. But other times, they just get worse.

Be prepared to horde everything on this list. Because if it's not going away, it's getting more expensive and harder to get.