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24 Things These Cats Are Looking At

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Cats are quite possibly the best, but most confusing, pet you could have. They are in their own little worlds a lot of the time, and most likely you aren't invited. But cats provide hours and hours of endless entertainment, thanks to the strange situations you can often find them in. One minute they're quietly napping on a windowsill, the next they've climbed your screen door because they thought they saw a bug. And of course, you can sometimes catch your cat staring at the wall, or even just off into space.

Perhaps it's because cats can see ghosts, or into the future. Most likely it's because they have evolved eyes that don't need constant rewetting from blinks, and they like to keep an eye on things, like their prey and things they find interesting. Cats can also see colors humans can't! Aren't cats amazing?! In any case, the cats on this list are looking at lots of weird things – and looking adorable while doing it.

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    The Inside Of This Box

    Photo: u/Fluffyboots / Reddit
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    You, While You're Sleeping

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    This Tiny Animal

    Photo: A Former Redditor / Reddit
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    The Hole In The Wall

    Photo: u/tjonesing / Reddit
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