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What Would You Do in Westworld?

List RulesVote up the activities you'd get up to if you were visiting the Old West of HBO's Westworld.

Westworld, HBO's most anticipated show since Game of Thrones has finally made its grand debut, and we were wondering, what would YOU do at Westworld? If you watched the premiere, you know how awesome it was. A modern re-imagining of Michael Crichton's seminal sci-fi western, Westworld is the story of a theme park in the future, where incredibly lifelike androids take on the roles of classic frontiersmen and women during the settling of America. Guests pay big money to visit the park and live out their western fantasies, whether they be righteous and heroic, or dark and depraved. 

So, let's use our imaginations for a moment, and ask ourselves, what would we do if given a ticket to Westworld? Would you play the hero and stop the bad guys? Maybe save poor Dolores from enduring her repeated torture at the hands of the Man in Black? Or would you go full evil, killing and pillaging and doing all the things civilized society would never let your overdeveloped Id do? Or maybe you'd just like to have a nice PG-13 western adventure.

Whatever your cup of tea, it's time to vote up your personal Westworld fantasies. Be honest with yourself - your votes are anonymous here. You know what you'd like to do. So let's really see what a sample of modern population would do in the Old West, given limitless power and consequence-free autonomy. Don't forget to also check out our list of other shows like Westworld while you're at it!

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    Write "I Rise Early for the Cock" on All the Robots' Foreheads in Magic Marker

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    Steal a Robot and Try to Reverse Engineer It to Build Your Own Park