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Things You Should Put Sriracha On

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Sriracha has taken the world by storm - it's the little sauce from Thailand that could. What was a staple overseas is now a staple in American grocery stores. With only eight ingredients, this delectable red hot sauce sure does pack a punch! But what should you put it on to kick up your life a notch? If you are brave enough to test your palate then this list of the best things to put Sriracha on is for you!

This list has everything from classic food staples to items you may have never thought needed Sriracha. Steak and chicken are no longer boring once you add a squeeze of Sriracha. How about also adding it to all your condiments for a true kick in the mouth? You might be pleasantly surprised by these ideas for what to put Sriracha on. Go ahead and give them all a try!

If you are a true Sriracha connoisseur then vote up the best Sriracha foods or add the foods that always make you reach for the rooster bottle if they aren't already listed. Then pray to the pepper gods that there's never another Sriracha shortage.