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15 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

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Every human is a unique being, comprised of personality, behaviors, skills, interests, and physical attributes that make us all the individuals we pride ourselves on being. And then again, there are things we all do, every last unique snowflake out there - whether we admit it to ourselves or not. Things that when you notice someone else do them, it's like a part of yourself feels suddenly connected to all of humanity.

Sure, many of these shared experiences are things we're all guilty of in a way that keeps us from sharing. But it's time to get them all out there in the world. We're all human here, let's just admit to the things we all do. Maybe it's our shared DNA, maybe it's social training, but at any rate, it's time to have it out. So sit back, take a good long look in the mirror, and prepare to say "OMG, it's not just me that does that." 

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    Wishing You Could Get Out Of Plans

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    Will you admit to doing this?
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    Immediately Forgetting Someone's Name

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    Will you admit to doing this?
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    Hitting Save On Repeat

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    Will you admit to doing this?
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    Forgetting To Actually Check The Time

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    Will you admit to doing this?