Things You Always Forget

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Any small things or tasks that you forget to do on a regular basis. Upvote those you forget the most.

There are lots of tasks you forget and you know it. If you’re like many people, your daily routine includes the passing thought "why am I so forgetful"? and likely goes a little something like this: You wake up late, throw on yesterday’s jeans, and try to rush out the door when you realize that you don’t know where your keys are. Then, once you find your keys, and get out the door, you run into your new neighbor and you can’t remember their name. And also your phone is dead, so you can’t look it up. Somehow, it seems you're growing more forgetful every day, so what do you do? This list of things we forget could be infinite, so feel free to add your own personal things you forget to do as well.

Out of everything that you forget on a daily basis (birthdays, the words to the hand jive), the one thing that never slips your mind is to make coffee in the morning. Maybe you should start leaving everything by the coffee maker in order to feel like real adults. Or is that cheating?

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you forgot something, but not being able to remember what it was. The next time that happens to you, feel free to use this handy list to make sure everything is in its right place. Or, you can get all Memento with it and tattoo the names of necessary items, dates, and people on your forearms. It’s your call! Either way, read through this list of the things we always forget before you do anything drastic.

Vote up the things you’re most likely to forget, or if there’s something missing that evades your every waking moment, add it to the list. That is, if you can remember what it is.
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    The Amazing Idea You Had in Your Sleep

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