Aliens What Should Be the First Thing We Say During First Contact with Aliens?  

Jacob Shelton
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The world has been waiting for extraterrestrials to land on Earth and give humanity the go-ahead to enter the interstellar community since the 1950s, when stories of UFOs and crop circles reached their zenith. The capabilities of science here on earth are certainly humbling. We’ve created scientific wonders like modern medicine, air travel, and nearly instantaneous communication across the planet via the Internet and phone lines. Yet, aliens have yet to make their presence known. What would you say to aliens during first contact? What questions would you have if you had the chance to lead Earth's very fist meeting with intergalactic travelers?

What do we say when we meet aliens? After traveling endless light years to finally let us in on the secrets of the universe, extraterrestrials need to be impressed by the questions we’ll undoubtedly ask. The best things to say to aliens at first contact are likely going to be simple questions that show we’re in the know when it comes to things like the chemical make up of different planets and the complexities of space travel. We also may want to ask questions about how they got here, where their planet is, and the intricacies of life and society on their home soil. 

Will we ever meet aliens? This question remains unanswered, but it couldn't hurt to make some preparations. Vote up the phrases you think would be most appropriate as humanity’s first official message to extraterrestrials. 

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190 37
Welcome to Earth
140 22
How Long Have You Known About Earth?
151 27
Where Did You Come From?
130 22
Are There More Species Out There?
131 23
What's Your Planet Like?
139 32
How Does Interstellar Travel Work?
124 25
How Did You Get Here?
115 31
How Long Did It Take You to Get Here from Your Planet?
85 39
What Kind of Fuel Does Your Ship Use?
103 55
What Is the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
36 7
Clare Renoir added Do You Think It Is Possible To Build A Future Together?
86 59
Please Don't Blow Us Up
68 54
Can You Help Us Reverse Global Warming?
70 60
Is There a God?
66 56
Are You Actually Aliens, or Are You Humans from the Future?
76 69
Be Honest, Did You Help Build the Pyramids?
57 60
Please Take Us With You
6 1
Wanna Fuck?
3 0
Audriana Elizabeth Martinez added Hello and Welcome to earth. My name is (insert name here) and I'm happy to meet you.
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pepspotbib added Why Are You Here?
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Inanna_Mosley added How did you get over the wall that was built to keep you out?
28 44
Michelle Benson added Sorry, You Really Caught Us at a Bad Time.
33 56
What's the Economic Structure of Your Society?
6 14
I'll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours...
24 79
Is the Moon a Hologram?