17 Things Women Notice When Meeting A Guy, Ranked

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Women, vote up the things about guys that catch your eye.

What makes a person attractive is completely subjective - what one person is into might be the last thing to cross the mind of the next. Most will say what makes someone attractive is their personality, but on first meeting you don't always have knowledge of that. 

When it comes to first impressions, many women have pointed to body hair as one of the first things they notice on a guy. Whether the hair is on their arms, chest, legs, or "downstairs," many have agreed that maintenence is a huge plus. To all the men out there, in case your date goes well, be sure your "hedges are trimmed" with The Perfect Package 2.0 from Manscaped. Get 20% off your entire order with code RANKER20. Manscaped also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there's no risk.  

Women took to Reddit to answer the first thing they notice and find attractive when seeing a man. Be sure to vote up the ones with which you agree.

  • His Smile

    His Smile

    A great smile can light up a room.

  • His Face

    His Face

    Some good bone structure.

  • His Presence

    His Presence

    This isn't one thing in particular - it's more like the entire package and how they carry themselves.

  • His Confidence

    His Confidence

    Someone who believes in himself is attractive.

  • His Hair

    His Hair

    A thick head of hair can go a long way.

  • His Facial Expressions

    His Facial Expressions

    Facial expressions can reveal how excited or bored people are with a situation.

  • Where His Eyes Move

    Where His Eyes Move

    Eye movement can reveal how much you're paying attention.

  • His Clothes

    His Clothes

    "Dress to impress" is a real thing.

  • His Arms

    His Arms

    Defined, shapely arms can draw a lot of attention.

  • His Height

    His Height

    Being tall has advantages.

  • His Posture

    His Posture

    Posture can say a lot about a person's confidence.

  • His Teeth

    His Teeth

    Show off those pearly whites.

  • His Skin

    His Skin

    Hairy or not, every man can use some grooming in certain areas.

  • His Hands

    His Hands

    Are they clean? Are they calloused from working out? Hands reveal a lot.

  • His Facial Hair

    His Facial Hair

    Beards are in.

  • His Shoes

    His Shoes

    You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.

  • His Body Hair

    His Body Hair