15 Things Women Do That Men Don't Find Attractive (According To Men)

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Men: vote up the "attractive" things women do that you don't find attractive at all.

We all know that women don't exist for men, and vice versa! But when a woman is interested in a man, sometimes she might do or say something she thinks is attractive, but doesn't realize it's actually the opposite! These men are sharing the unattractive things women do, so if you're curious to know what men think is unattractive, read on.

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    Trying To Make Their Partner Jealous

    From Redditor u/Deadinthehead:

    Trying to make you jealous by totally randomly hinting at other guys she's met, etc.

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    Hinting Instead Of Being Direct

    From Redditor u/RadiantHC:

    Hinting. Most guys would love it if a girl was direct. And if he doesn't, then it is a huge red flag.

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    Talking Trash About Other Women

    From Redditor u/unklegill:

    Talking sh*t about other girls. Like if you gotta sh*t on someone else to look good, hard pass.

    A close second is when they act like if I don’t want them they have other dudes lined up. This doesn’t make me want you more.

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    Posting Nothing But Selfies On Social Media

    From Redditor u/stanceycivic:

    Maybe unpopular, but honestly, with everyone I've met, their social media is usually a big tell on whether I like them or not. Someone can be attractive, and then I see their feed and get immediately turned off. Nothing but selfies, bikini pics, posts of their butt in the gym, captions that are basically begging for compliments, etc.

    If I look at your feed and it just looks like a highlight reel of how hot you are in various locations rather than actually giving me any kind of info about who you are and what you like to do, it just immediately makes me think that person is vain and constantly craves attention from everyone.

    Obviously not 100%, but its been a pretty safe rule.

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    Needing To Be Rescued

    From Redditor u/zugabdu:

    Needing to be “rescued.” Guys might like the idea of coming to a girl's aid every once in a while, but not as a lifestyle. A relationship with someone who constantly has crises and can't stand on her own two feet gets old fast.

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    Being 'Fake Nice' To Someone They Badmouth In Private

    From Redditor u/Adamsbrad47:

    Insult other people behind their back but act fake nice in person.

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