Things Women Wish Men Knew About Women's Health

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In the quest for gender equality, pure biology rules out one area where men and women are the same: health. While men and women do suffer from some of the same health problems and diseases, others affect one gender disproportionately, or don't affect one gender at all. The reasons might be anatomical differences, or behaviors more common to men or women. Plus, medical research hasn't always included women as part of the population studied (and in some cases the research has been cruel and unethical).

Although women in general live longer than men do, that doesn't mean they are healthier. And men have some misconceptions about women's health, as any woman who's despaired at hearing a man say, "Oh, it's just that time of the month," will understand. This list covers essential details about women's health that men — and even some women or nonbinary people — might be in the dark about.