Button Mash Things Would Be Totally Different If Mario Was A Millenial, And Here's The Proof  

Mel Judson

Did you know that, according to Nintendo, Mario is just 24 years old? If that's the case, then it would only make sense if he behaved a lot like Millennial Mario in the video below.

In this skit, Mario can't find the energy to go saving Princess Peach, largely because he thinks she's more than capable of doing it herself. But don't worry, he'll support her via Tweets and hashtags.

Toad, meanwhile, cannot get Millennial Mario to leave the couch, much less save a princess. Especially not if he's about to lose access to certain shows on Netflix.

Losing access to shows means it's time to put princesses aside, and start binge-watching. Millennial Mario may not be heroic, but he's pretty timely. Watch him in his debut and ponder the impossibilities below.