25 Things You Should Probably Stop Blaming on Millennials

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Millennials, yuck! That’s how most of the world sees people who were born between 1977 and 1994. While there are always reasons to dislike a certain generation, the millennial hate has grown to an extreme level, with 25-year-olds being blamed for the decline of everything from the napkin industry to the idea of vacation. Both of those things are examples of millennial issues that aren't really millennial issues, but rather things that lazy writers decide to type up when they’ve got nothing else to do. There are plenty of things that aren't millennials' fault that they’re blamed for, but some of the examples are more egregious than others.

For all of the issues unfairly blamed on millennials, the most ridiculous are those that have been stewing for decades. For instance, it’s easier to blame millennials for the downfall of the diamond market than to take a closer look at the intricate problems that have been plaguing that industry for more than half a century. It’s not as if a 24-year-old with an art degree made a Snapchat about diamonds being lame AF and the market crumbled. Or did it? Keep reading to find out the worst things that have been pawned off on young people, and then vote up the things commonly blamed on millennials despite not being their fault. 

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  • Not Buying Houses
    661 votes

    Not Buying Houses

  • Not Getting Married
    556 votes

    Not Getting Married

  • Dissolving the 9 to 5 Work Day
    466 votes

    Dissolving the 9 to 5 Work Day

  • The Decline of Traditional Retail Stores
    445 votes

    The Decline of Traditional Retail Stores

  • The Rise of Political Corectness
    611 votes

    The Rise of Political Corectness

  • The Rise of Narcissism
    488 votes

    The Rise of Narcissism