Stuff You Can Actually Buy in a Prison Commissary

When you think of prison, you probably imagine the bleak life shown in movies like The Shawshank Redemption. But although prison does completely suck, if you have money, things can suck a little less. A prison commissary (a type of general store) actually has way more stuff than you'd ever think. Sure, it varies depending on your particular prison and security level, but there's quite a bit you can buy to make life behind bars just a little more bearable.

Aside from the usual things, like hygiene products and other basic necessities, you can treat yourself to everything from seafood specials to scrapbooking supplies - not to mention a few items that seem a little risky, like cables and scissors.

Here is a list of some stuff you may never have expected to see in a prison and just what it costs to obtain it. Check it out, you never know when it'll come in handy...

  • Price: $1.65

    You may associate prison food with nondescript gray mush, but think again - there's a prison in Colorado that allows inmates with a sophisticated palate to order baby octopus.

  • Price: $2.20

    On a good day, you wouldn't want to get oysters from just anywhere - and probably the last place you would want to get them is a prison commissary. Especially if they cost that little. 

    If you don't trust fresh prison seafood, you might want to stick to tinned sardines, which are also available in prison commissaries.

  • Photo Album Adhesive

    Price: $2.75

    Who knew that there were people making photo albums in prison? However, you can make memories just about anywhere - at least this way they can look pretty. 

  • Yarn And Crochet Hooks

    Price: The yarn itself goes for about $4-10. A six pack of crochet hooks is $1.95

    Prison time is slow time, so you need something to keep the mind occupied. It's hard to imagine tough-guy inmates knitting and crocheting, but prisons have found that offering knitting classes can lead to calmer, happier inmates.