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Everything You Need To Know About Skywalker Ranch Before You Visit

Updated 8 Nov 2019 20.8k views13 items

Sitting in the middle of a sprawling give-or-take 5,000-acre property in Marin County, California, is Skywalker Ranch, an all-encompassing production facility owned by George Lucas and built by the success of the initial Star Wars series. While you’re likely aware that Lucas does most of his work out of this facility, there are a litany of things you didn't know about Skywalker Ranch. Not only does the property play host to one of the best movie theaters on the planet, but it has a bed and breakfast so you can take in a whole vacation at Skywalker Ranch if you really want to get the Lucasfilm experience.

Most of the people who stay at the ranch inspired by Star Wars are working around the clock on film and television projects, but if you find yourself there with some time on your hands there are plenty of things you can do at Skywalker Ranch. For instance, the ranch has a fully operational vineyard that works closely with a winery owned by director Francis Ford Coppola, so you can drink as much vino as you like while you pretend to walk through the forest moon of Endor. You know, if you're into awesome stuff. 

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