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Things You Didn't Know About Disney Heroes

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The magical cinematic world of Disney has been around since 1937, starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. There's an endless amount of knowledge out there about Disney's iconic heroines and princesses, but there are plenty of things you still don't know about the heroes and princes of Disney. Not to ruin your childhood or anything, but thanks to the internet and a very dedicated fan base, we've learned some interesting behind-the-scenes facts about Disney heroes that you definitely never knew. 

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  • In Frozen, Kristoff Bjorgman starts off as a lowly ice harvester. Ice harvesting is a seasonal occupation that is most active during the summer months. People who harvest ice for a living often have trouble finding other work during their off-season, meaning Kristoff is likely poor, especially since he was brought up as an orphan with no family.

    It is even implied that Kristoff could be potentially homeless when he claims that he's from "nowhere in particular" in Disney on Ice Presents Frozen. 

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  • Photo: Peter Pan / RKO Radio Pictures

    In Peter Pan, we're taught that people never grow up in the magical faraway realm of Neverland. While this is a cute concept at heart, the implications are wildly alarming if you really think about it. It is never explicitly stated how old Peter Pan is or how long he's been on the island.

    Peter is depicted as a "young boy" in the 1953 Disney classic, Peter Pan, but since Peter lives in Neverland, it's entirely possible that he could be hundreds if not thousands of years old. 

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  • Photo: The Lion King II: Simba's Pride / Walt Disney Home Video

    Mufasa's death scene in The Lion King is pretty traumatizing for a children's movie. So traumatizing, in fact, that it may have given Simba post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from experiencing it. It's actually heavily implied throughout The Lion King II that Simba is suffering from PTSD.

    Not only does Simba have outbursts, mood swings, and even occasional paranoia, but he also has nightmares about the stampede that claimed the life of his father. 

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  • Buzz Lightyear is known for his amusing catchphrases and his deranged delusions that he's a real space ranger and not a kid's toy. While the original Buzz Lightyear gets over his initial space ranger delusions (until he is reset to demo mode in Toy Story 3), it is confirmed that a lot, if not most of the Buzz Lightyear models have those same delusions.

    It turns out, a scrapped Toy Story 3 storyline saw the Buzz Lightyear toy line recalled to the factory thanks to a "defect." The writers decided to scrap the idea, but it would have explained why all the models have the same delusions. 

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