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The Most Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About WALL-E

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For a movie with very few words, WALL-E certainly has a lot to say. With sly references, hidden biblical messages, and major environmental themes, the 2008 Pixar movie stood out from the animated Disney films that came before it. Unsurprisingly, the sci-fi comedy was critically praised and commercially successful, ending up regarded as one of the best Pixar movies.

There are plenty of interesting things about WALL-E that will make you look at the movie in a whole new light, whether it's one of those hard-to-spot Pixar Easter eggs or just a fun little bit of trivia. Let's take a look at some of the most fascinating things about the animated classic. 

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    WALL-E Was Voiced By The Guy Who Played R2-D2

    WALL-E Was Voiced By The Guy Who Played R2-D2
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    Sound designer Ben Burtt was given the massive task of creating the voice for the movie's main character - which consisted of lots of beeps and whistle sounds. It wasn't a new task for Burtt, who's known for voicing R2-D2 in the Star Wars films. He explained how he got involved in the project in an interview.

    "I had just finished my 29-year, 10-month tour of duty with 'Star Wars,' and I thought, 'Well, at least I don't have to do any more robots.' But when Pixar called, I could see this was something more like a Frank Capra romance with Buster Keaton thrown in. And you had the challenge of not only creating the sound for this fantasy world, but the even bigger task of creating principal characters built out of sound," he said. 

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    The Design For WALL-E Was Conceived At A Baseball Game

    Director Andrew Stanton came up with the design for the titular character while at a baseball game. He'd been using binoculars, and at one point realized that he all he needed to create a memorable character was in his hands.

    "You don't need a mouth, you don't need a nose, you get a whole personality just from [the binoculars]," Stanton said of the design development that led to the creation of the WALL-E character. 

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    The Movie's Creators Denied Its Environmental Message

    The Movie's Creators Denied Its Environmental Message
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    WALL-E isn't just a robot love story, it's a layered tale with a poignant message about the environment and the power of Mother Nature. The creators of the movie wouldn't have you thinking that, however. The famously apolitical Pixar denied the political message of the film upon its release.

    "I knew that I was going into territory that was basically the same stuff, but I don't have a political bent or ecological message to push. I don't mind that it supports that kind of view — it's certainly a good-citizen kind of way to be — but everything I wanted to do was based on the film's love story, the last robot on Earth, the sentence that we first came up with in 1994," Stanton said.

    "I said, 'I have to get everybody off the planet, and do it in a way that audiences get it without any dialogue.' So trash did that. You look at it, you just get it. It's a dump, you've gotta move it — even a little kid understands that."

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    The Toy Story 'Pizza Planet' Truck Makes A Cameo

    The Toy Story 'Pizza Planet' Truck Makes A Cameo
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    The Easter eggs in Pixar movies are some of the most fascinating and fun aspects of their legacies, and WALL-E is no exception. One particularly amusing Easter egg in the movie happened just a little ways in, when EVE is seen scanning a broken down trunk at a junk yard.

    That truck in question just so happens to be the Pizza Planet truck from the iconic Toy Story - a callback to arguably the most cherished Pixar film of all time and the movie that started the company's rise to animation domination.