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14 Things You Didn't Know About 'The Last of Us'

The Last of Us has one of the best storytelling in all of video game history, which is why it's a shame that it's only available on the PlayStation 3 and 4 platforms. The storyline is so deep that it has spawned a slew of The Last of Us fan theories. In the opening scene of the game, you see a heart-wrenching death that tears out your heart and leaves you in tears. And if the story isn’t enthralling enough (which it most definitely is), the gameplay is solid and engaging.

Even the most compelling video game storylines don't trigger tears, but that's what makes The Last of Us so special. With such a connection to the heart, the epic tale and grueling gameplay are coveted by tons of gamers. The Last of Us 2 probably isn't coming out until 2018, but in honor of a brilliantly chilling trailer, let’s reminisce about this amazing game. Check out these The Last of Us facts if you want to have your mind blown like a Clicker running into an improvised proximity mine. #GoldenEyeAintGotNuthinOnUs

  • The Disease Is Real... Kinda

    The zombie infection of the game was inspired by a real world infection called Cordyceps fungi. It affects insects, growing out of the head and seizing control of motor functions. Straley and Druckmann saw it on an episode of Planet Earth and immediately had their idea for the monsters of The Last of Us.

  • A Much Different (And Blander) Storyline

    In the original story, Joel's companion/pseudo-love interest, Tess, was actually going to become a villain after Joel and Ellie escaped the city. Feeling betrayed, she would hunt down Joel to seek revenge. She would ultimately catch up with them, and would be killed by Ellie just before killing Joel. End of game. Wow. That would have been pretty mundane, right? Fortunately, Druckmann and Straley realized that. 

  • Ellie Swears Like A Sailor

    Throughout the game, Ellie drops more f-bombs than any other character. 53 to be precise. Some gamers found it to be hilarious, while others thought it was a bit excessive. While it's clear that Ellie is a product of the fallen world, the fact that she curses more than any other character is a tad shocking. 

  • The Character Chatter Was Somewhat Innovative

    During gameplay, Joel and Ellie (along with other characters) talk with each other as they move throughout the world. Druckmann and Straley were inspired by Drake and Tenzin's occasional chatter in Uncharted 2, doubling down on this advent to enrich the experience of realism in the game. Ellie dropped a few more F-bombs in these instances, but that's not even included in the 53-count tally. Go Ellie.