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15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters From The Comics

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Marvel Comics' Xavier Institute for Higher Learning is one of the most iconic places in all of comic books. It has been brought to television screens in various cartoons, brought to movie theaters in various films, and is up there with the Avengers Tower and Sanctum Sanctorum as one of the standout superhero locations of Earth-616. And there is much more to Xavier's school than first meets the eye.

Did you know the Danger Room ended up becoming sentient and breaking free of the school entirely? Did you know the school was built atop a nearly immortal mutant who was buried alive years before? How about the time the grounds were turned into a concentration camp after M-Day? It may be a school for young mutants, but not all schools are created equal.

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    The Danger Room Is Sentient, And It Defected From The School

    The story of Danger is an interesting one. This is not your normal Marvel comic book character, after all. Danger started out her life as simply another in a long line of the X-Men's "Danger Rooms." As fans of the X-Men cartoons and movies know, these Danger Rooms are where the X-Men can safely train to fight all the various foes they come up against on a regular basis. Xavier kept updating the Danger Room of his School For Gifted Youngsters until, one day, he noticed the Danger Room asking the question, "Where am I?"

    Charles Xavier, being the somewhat shady dude that he is, just kind of ignored this and kept it a secret from his superhero team. It will come as no great shock to learn that Danger did not take this shunning well and eventually broke free of her shackles, becoming an X-Men enemy for a good amount of time. Things have cooled off since then, and she seemingly no longer wants to terminate Xavier for essentially pretending she didn't exist, but it is wild to think the X-Men's AI training room is running around Earth-616 just doing stuff.

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    The Institute Was Built On The Grave Site Of A Revolutionary War-Era Mutant Who Didn't Actually Die

    Jonas Graymalkin isn't the most popular mutant in the X-Men roster of heroes. In fact, we'd reckon he's nowhere near the top of the list at all. That being said, Graymalkin has deep ties to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters... very deep ties, indeed. While the Xaviers have made the Graymalkin Habitat their home for generations, they weren't the first people to settle in the area. That honor would belong to Charles Graymalkin and his family, including the young Jonas.

    All was not well in the Graymalkin household, however. Sometime in the late 1700s, Charles found out his son was having relations with another boy. Enraged by this, Charles nearly beat his son to death and buried him alive. This trauma triggered Jonas's mutation, and he survived underground for centuries before being discovered by the mutant team, eventually becoming a member of the Young X-Men in the process.

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    The Last Mutants Left After M-Day Were Kept At The School Against Their Will

    So, uh, M-Day was pretty horrible for both the X-Men and the mutant population at large. For those who complain that Marvel and DC don't take enough status-quo-altering risks with their superhero comics, "Decimation" stands as an example of the House of Ideas doing exactly that. Even if you're not a fan of what happened with M-Day and the X-Men comics that resulted from it, you can't say it didn't take serious guts to have Scarlet Witch utter, "No more mutants," and wipe out the vast majority of them in an instant.

    After the events of M-Day came to pass, the remaining 198 known mutants were put into a concentration camp on the grounds of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Being guarded and kept to the grounds by a horde of Sentinels under the command of the president of the United States, that situation was about as fun as it sounds. As soon as the words "concentration camp" come about, you know things are bad.

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    Ten Generations Of Xaviers Lived In The Institute

    Fans of Downton Abbey and Gosford Park will like this one. A whopping 10 generations of Xaviers lived at the original mansion over the centuries, with Charles being the latest one. Imagining a soap opera television series set in the X-Men universe is all kinds of fun.

    It is unclear if any of Xavier's three children will carry on this legacy. We doubt David Haller will get the chance to do so as he's completely all over the place 100% of the time. Xandra Neramani kind of has an entire empire to lead out in space, so she seems like she's out of the picture. And Charles Xavier II has seemingly been completely forgotten about at the time of writing, so, yeah...

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