15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Beasts Pirates In ‘One Piece’

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The Beasts Pirates are one of the most fearsome pirate crews in the One Piece world. With more Zoan Fruits than any other crew and a leader with the highest existing bounty in the world, they are not a crew you want to mess with. But if you want to know more about them, there's a lot of interesting bits of Beast Pirate trivia to learn.

What are some things you didn't know about the Beasts Pirates? You might have guessed that many individual characters are named after playing cards, but did you know that subgroups like the Tobiroppo and the All-Stars are named after terms from Japanese theater? Also, did you know that Black Maria controls her transformation using medication in order to make it more attractive?

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    Kaido Has The Highest Active Bounty In The Series

    A pirate's bounty is a pretty good indication of their power, which is why it's worth noting that Kaido has the highest active bounty out of any currently existing pirate. At 4,611,100,000 berries, only two pirates have ever had a bounty higher than his.

    While the in-universe reason for the number has to do with what the World Government condemns, there's a meta reason for it, too. The number contains the digits 110, which would be read as "hyakujū" (百十). This is a homophone with Hyakujū (百獣), which means 'Beast' and is part of Kaido's epithet.

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    Page One's Zoan Fruit Makes Him Semi-Aquatic

    Page One ate the Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus was a semi-aquatic dinosaur that spent most of its time in the water hunting for fish.

    All Devil Fruits remove the user's ability to swim, which means that Page One's activities as a Spinosaurus are necessarily limited.

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    Beasts Pirate Sub-Groups Are Named For Different Forms Of Japanese Theater

    It may not be immediately obvious, but many of the sub-groups in the Beasts Pirates take their names from concepts from traditional Japanese theater. In Japanese, the All-Stars are known as Ōkanban (大看板). This literally means "large signboard" but it refers to the most important actor in a piece of theater or film.

    The name Shinuchi is taken from Shin'uchi (真打) which means 'true hit' and refers to a person of immense talent or popularity. This term is often used in rakugo, a form of traditional Japanese storytelling. 

    Tobiroppo takes its name from a dramatic exit called Roppō (六方) which means "six directions." The Kabuki move involves the actor moving their hands and feet up and down and in all four cardinal directions. The most famous iteration of this is called Tobi roppō (飛び六方) which means "flying six directions. This appears in a play called Kanjinchō, and is performed by a warrior character named Benkei.

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    Jack Was The First Major Arc Antagonist Not To Get Involved With The Straw Hats

    The Straw Hats might be the protagonists, but they aren't always at the center of everything that happens in the One Piece world. In fact, some major villains never even meet them.

    Jack was the main villain of the Zou arc and an important villain in the Wano Country arc. He's also the first not to directly interact with Luffy or any other member of the Straw Hat Crew. 

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    Who's Who Traveled On A Ship Referenced In Chapter One

    One cool thing about One Piece is how there are so many moving pieces that all come together to fit into a unified whole.

    One example of that is the fact that Who's Who, a character who would not be introduced until Chapter 977, once rode on a ship that was mentioned by Lucky Roux in Chapter 1. At the time, he was a government agent charged with protecting the Gum-Gum Fruit.

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    Black Maria Used Substances To Control Her Zoan Transformation

    In SBS 100, Oda explained why Black Maria's Zoan form didn't look the way one might expect it to - apparently, she uses medication to make it more attractive. 

    "I know whatya mean! I know that the hybrid form shouldn’t have two faces and her arms should be spider-like. However there is no clear cut rule for the zoan transformations, see Chopper. Just like he manipulated his transformations, it is possible for others as well! Black Maria also feels that becoming a full spider woman isn’t beautiful at all, so she must have used some drugs to change her Hybrid form."