Endearing Things You Never Knew About Betty White

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Betty White was the coolest. She was the sweetest. She was everything you could ever want in a grandmother even though, surprisingly enough, she was not actually a grandmother at all. Would she simply settle for giving you hard candies from her purse? No! She would give you the time of your life! But there's way more to her than just being a cutie and a half. White was a Guinness World Record holder, a figure in entertainment history for longer than sliced bread's been invented (literally), and  did some cool sh*t during World War II.  

The list of Betty White trivia goes on. She was on some of television's most iconic sitcoms. She made waves in the industry when it wasn't exactly easy for women to do so. Multi-talented and beyond charming, she was doing it all, well into her 90s. Wade into this list of things you never knew about Betty White, vote up the most endearing traits, and bask in the light was Betty White.