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15 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About 'Bleach'

Known as one of the "big three" shonen anime in the 2000s and 2010s, Bleach still enjoys a huge following to this day. With epic fights, a creative and compelling story, and great characters, its no wonder it has such a strong place in fans' hearts. But even its most passionate fans don't know everything there is to know about it. For this list, we're bringing you trivia, details, and fun facts about Bleach that you may not already know.

What are some things you didn't know about Bleach? Well, it might not exist at all without Akira Toriyama. When Kubo submitted it to Shonen Jump, it was rejected at first, but Toriyama helped make the series a reality with an encouraging letter. But why is it called Bleach, anyway? The answer is surprisingly simple!

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    Bleach Might Not Exist Without Akira Toriyama

    Most shonen manga artists name Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama as one of their inspirations, but in Tite Kubo's case, it's a little more concrete than just appreciating his work. When Kubo first submitted Bleach to Weekly Shonen Jump, it was rejected. But Akira Toriyama was impressed by his work and reached out to him to encourage him to keep going.

    This made Kubo feel better, but it also led to material change. Toriyama's support for the material led to WSJ changing their minds and deciding to publish Bleach after all. 

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    Why Is It Called 'Bleach'?

    Many shonen titles have pretty obvious explanations - Naruto is called Naruto because the main character is named Naruto, One Piece is called One Piece because that's the name of the treasure everyone is seeking. In Bleach's case, the reason isn't quite so obvious. 

    Kubo chose the name because Shinigami are associated with the color black. He didn't want to just name it Black, so he thought about what he could do with its contrasting color, white. He chose Bleach to suggest the color white. 

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    A Terminally Ill 'Bleach' Fan Reached Out To Kubo

    Photo: Tite Kubo

    Be prepared, this story might make you cry.

    In 2016, Tite Kubo posted a letter from an anonymous fan and asked him if anyone could help him figure out the identity of a fan who wrote him a letter.

    The letter was penned by a terminally ill child who expected to pass away within a year and a half. The boy struggled to come to terms with his fate and sometimes hoped his time would come faster. But he found solace in reading manga - especially Bleach. The letter contained a simple request: that Kubo would end the manga on his own terms, written to his own satisfaction. 

    Because he'd requested that the letter be sent to Kubo after his demise, the child was already gone by the time Kubo read it. Kubo hoped to find whoever sent it on his behalf and reach out to them.

    The sender turned out to be a friend the boy met in the hospital. Kubo was able to contact him thanks to assistance from other Bleach fans. In order to thank his fans for their help, he posted a drawing expressing his feelings. 

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    Kubo's Art Style Changed When The Anime Aired

    When Tite Kubo was first drawing the series, he didn't have a consistent art style. In an interview with Akamaru Jump, which was translated in summary form by Cezaria of BleachAssylum, Kubo stated that when the anime adaptation began, he started to model his art off of the work of character designer Masashi Kudō.

    One major change that he made involved stopping a tendency to draw characters with hair behind their ears. Kubo noticed that Kudō did not do this, and felt that his approach was more realistic.

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