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15 Things You Didn't Know About Brook In 'One Piece'

July 2, 2021 2.7k votes 462 voters 54.8k views15 items

Brook is one of the Straw Hats' most unusual members. After eating the Revive-Revive Fruit, he passed away and then came back to life as a skeleton. These days, he's the crew's musician - but he can also fight using swords, ice powers, and more. Even if he's your absolute favorite character in One Piece, there's still some trivia and details that you probably don't know about him - hopefully, this list will teach you something new.

What are some things you didn't know about Brook? Here's a meta detail - an Algerian rapper named Soolking not only took his name from Brook, he also mixed Brook's laugh into one of his tracks. Here's another fun bit of info - if the Straw Hats raced each other, Brook would win - his light body allows him to run faster than anyone else. 

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    His Wanted Poster Is Different From Everyone Else's

    Most characters have wanted posters that look more or less the same - there's a brown backdrop with a photo and information about their bounty and other details. Brook's wanted poster is totally different: the World Government decided to simply take an old concert poster of him and slap the info on the bottom. 

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    Brook Has Ice Powers For A Reason

    Brook is heavily associated with the underworld, a place that can be associated with frigid terrain. That's why he's able to use moves like "Chill of the Underworld" which let him place his ice-cold aura into swords and other objects and use it to attack his foes with ice. 

    While the whole underworld thing is a perfectly good explanation for Brook's ice powers, there might be more to it. It might be a reference to dajare (駄洒落,だじゃれ), or Japanese wordplay. Brook often makes jokes the kind of hokey joke you'd expect from an old man - which makes sense, since he's 88. His crewmates don't usually laugh at his jokes. When someone is using dajare, they might respond to their audience's lack of enthusiasm by saying “寒い(samui)…” or "it's cold" - implying a cold reception to the attempt at humor. This could be why Brook is associated with ice instead of, say, fire. 

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    What's With Brook & The Number Eight?

    At 88 years old, Brook is the oldest member of the Straw Hats by far. He's also the tallest, at 8'8 ¾". Why all the eights? While this isn't confirmed, it could be because he's heavily associated with music, and there are 88 keys on standard piano keyboard.

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    He Was Inspired By American Films

    A fan asked Oda if Brook and everything else that appears in the Thriller Bark arc was based on movies like The Addams Family and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Oda confirmed that these did influence him, as did a lot of other zombie and horror movies. 

    "Yes, the films. I love them too. In order to draw Thriller Bark, I even watched a lot of zombie movies, which I've never really done before. By my nature, I don't like scary things, so even though I put a lot more black into the art, I still tried to make silly, funny zombies. When artists draw about ghosts and dead people and things that aren't meant for polite society, they always go to the shrine to pray beforehand... as did I. I mean, I don't want to get cursed or anything."

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