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20 Things You Didn't Know About Class 1B In My Hero Academia

Neito Monoma might be a little obnoxious, but he's not wrong when he says that Class 1-B is worth paying attention to. Just like 1-A, they're a class full of talented heroes-in-training. They have cool quirks, fun personalities, and are overall pretty awesome. Unfortunately, they don't get the spotlight often, which means that there's a lot of trivia and details about them that even the most dedicated fans may have missed.

What are some things you didn't know about Class 1-B? If you're watching My Hero Academia, you have something in common with Pony Tsunetori - she loves anime! In fact, she loves it more than most casual fans. She went out of her way to start an in-dorm anime screening. Here's another one: did you know that Togaru Kamakiri thinks of Katsuki Bakugo as his rival? Sadly for him, there's not much chance that Bakugo reciprocates the feeling. 

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    Reiko Yanagi Is A Horror Movie Fan

    Why is Reiko Yanagi's hero name Emily? It's a cute name, but it doesn't exactly sound heroic! It might be a reference to The Exorcism of Emily Rose, an American horror movie that centers around the title character's paranormal demise. Her hobby, which is searching for horror stories on the Internet, links up nicely with this reference. 

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    Horikoshi's Editor & Staff Love Itsuka Kendo

    Horikoshi's editor and assistants play a huge role in making My Hero Academia possible, so their opinions on the series are worth knowing about. One opinion that they've expressed is that they all love Itsuka Kendo. When discussing this on Itsuka's character profile, Horikoshi seemed a little surprised by this, since he had barely introduced her at that point. 

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    Yui Kodai's Design Is Derived From Ochaco's Prototype

    Before Ochaco Uraraka's design was finalized, she had a more serious, formal look. But Horikoshi didn't want to scrap the concept art altogether, so he used it to create Yui Kodai. Yui's quirk is also pretty similar to Ochaco's original ability, which was Gigantification, an ability that was recycled for Mt. Lady. This may be why both Ochaco and Yui have to touch their fingers together to activate their respective quirks. 

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    Juzo Honenuki Is Bilingual

    Juzo Honenuki has been spotted having a conversation with Pony Tsunetori in English, her native language. Whether he grew up speaking English or just gets top marks in Present Mic's class is unknown, as is whether he's fluent or just comepent, but either way, it's a skill that most other characters in MHA don't have. 

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