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20 Things You Didn't Know About Devil Fruit

May 27, 2021 3.2k votes 514 voters 83.8k views20 items

In the world of One Piece, supernatural powers are gained by chowing down on Devil Fruits. These fruits bestow all kinds of abilities, from transforming into animals to controlling electricity. While the series features many of these fruits in action, there's still a lot of cool trivia and behind-the-scenes information that you may not know about. 

Let's get started with some things you didn't know about Devil Fruits! Eiichiro Oda takes great care to make sure that the fruits reflect the thing they're based on. For example, when new fossil discoveries revealed that the Spinosaurus had a paddle-like tail, Oda went in and changed the Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Model: Spinosaurus to have a paddle-tail too! But while he's detailed about some things, other things aren't really explained - no one knows how objects can consume Devil Fruits other than that Vegapunk did it. He's also super happy with Luffy's Devil Fruit, but he did consider giving him the 'Ero-Ero Fruit' more than once!

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    Can Devil Fruits Exist Twice?

    According to Usopp, it's not possible for there to be multiples of the same type of Devil Fruit. But as a fan points out, this doesn't exactly make sense. Oda previously stated that Luffy's Devil Fruit - and its effects - had been published in a book, which means that at least one person must have eaten the Gum-Gum Fruit and developed its powers before Luffy did. This isn't a plot hole - Oda has an explanation for it.

    "Very sharp of you. But I'm cool. I haven't made any mistakes. As a hint, let me rephrase what Usopp is saying. "The same powers don't exist twice AT THE SAME TIME". How's that? For more detail, you'll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are... Eventually."


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    Oda Signs Off On Non-Canon Powers

    In filler arcs and movies, new characters with their own Devil Fruit powers often appear. While Oda doesn't come up with these abilities, he does decide which ones make the cut and which don't. He described the process:

    "Basically, all that happens is that the anime's scriptwriters come up with powers that they want to use in the story, and I say "Yeah, that sounds good," or "No, sorry, I want to use that one in the future." That's all."

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    Oda Answers Devil Fruit Questions About Character's Genitals

    Many Devil Fruit powers are whole-body experiences - and that includes body parts that shonen anime doesn't usually talk about, like the genitals. 

    Thanks to his Gum-Gum Fruit powers, Luffy's downstairs area can stretch. Jozu's junk turns into a diamond whenever he activates his Sparkle-Sparkle Fruit. Buggy can use his Chop-Chop Fruit to detach his genitals and send them flying. If for some reason Marco ever lost his manhood, the Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix would let him regenerate it. Gladius isn't quite so lucky: his Pop-Pop Fruit can make his thing explode. 

    This one isn't about genitals, but it's tangentially related so we'll include it. Using her Flower-Flower fruit, Nico Robin can sprout her breasts, just like any other body part. 

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    Bathing Is Complicated For Devil Fruit Users

    One major drawback that comes with eating a Devil Fruit is that the user stops being able to swim. Some fruits, like the Sand-Sand Fruit, are directly weak against water. A fan wondered how Crocodile - the character who ate the Sand-Sand Fruit - manages to get clean. Oda replied with some in-depth info about how bathing works for Devil Fruit users in general, and for Crocodile specifically.

    "First of all, let's discuss the problem of Devil Fruit users bathing themselves. People who have eaten a Devil Fruit are "hated" by the sea, and cannot swim. The "sea" here can refer to anything from rivers, pools and baths to any kind of standing water. On a worldwide level, they are all the "sea." When these people enter the water, not only can they not use their powers, they have trouble moving their bodies at all. They might be able to struggle a bit, but it wouldn't do much good. That's if their entire bodies are submerged in the "sea." With less than half the body or just the limbs, it gets easier. Also, rain and dripping water have no effect at all. Therefore, hip baths or showers are the most common choice. Now, in Crocodile's case, "water" is the weakness of his very powers, so his abilities are robbed even in the shower. But it's not like there are enemies around when you take a shower, so I'd bet he would take them even with his powers being blocked. Don't you think?"

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