15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Donquixote Pirates In ‘One Piece’

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The Donquixote Pirates are among the toughest foes that the Straw Hats ever have to face. They're also a genuinely interesting group of characters. Want to get to know the Donquixote Pirate members? Here's some fascinating One Piece trivia to help you do just that.

You may have already known that the top members of the Doflamingo crew have card-themed names. What you may not have realized is that this implies that Vergo, Pica, and Trebol are actually code names, not real ones. Also, did you know that Rosinante is named after a fictional horse?

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    Senor Pink's Story Is Much Sadder In The Anime

    While it's not as if the manga version of Senor Pink's life is unemotional, the anime version is a lot more likely to make you cry. The anime included a number of new scenes that elaborate on his tragic past.

    Besides that, scenes that do appear in the manga are depicted much differently. When Franky knocks him out in the manga, we don't get to see his facial expression, and his glasses and pacifier are knocked out without fanfare. In the anime, when his sunglasses are broken, they reveal a clear shot of his eyes. He begins crying when he notices the rain that his former wife Russian adored. When the clouds part and the sun streams down, he sees a vision of Russian and their child. Overall, the anime provides a far more sentimental take on the material. 

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    Why Does Monet's Shirt Read 'Happy'?

    Monet is frequently seen wearing a shirt with the word “happy” emblazoned across the chest. This isn't because she's an especially joyful person. 

    Rather, it's because “happy” sounds almost exactly the same as “harpy” in Japanese. This was likely an intentional pun. 

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    Vergo Can Do A Lot With His Haki

    Vergo is able to use Busoshoku Haki on his entire body. We're not sure if you really want to know this, but Oda confirms that by the entire body, he means the entire body - including his nether regions. Oda says:

    Hum... It's possible. As a man... that is quite fantástico.

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    They Have A Lot In Common With Baroque Works

    The Donquixote Pirates have a surprising amount in common with Baroque Works, an organization that first appeared in the Alabasta Arc. 

    One major similarity involves Devil Fruit powers. While no two characters have the exact same ability, they have common characteristics. For example, Daz Bonez of Baroque Works can transform his body into sharp blades, while Baby 5 of the Donquixote Pirates can turn her body into a variety of weapons. There are also Miss Valentine and Machvise, who can both alter their body weight.

    There are plenty of other examples of similar powers, but the comparisons don't stop at powers. Both groups tried to take over a country by framing a royal person for a crime they committed, all while pretending to be the heroes who saved the nation from that crime. Also, both groups have princesses who secretly infiltrate the group in order to save their nation. Both groups are led by Warlords of the Sea, and both groups have members who defect and ally with the Straw Hats. 

    Are these parallels intentional? We're not sure, but either way, it's interesting.

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    Viola's 'Passionate Dance' Is A Nod To Her Future Friendship With Sanji

    Viola's 'Passionate Dance' Is A Nod To Her Future Friendship With Sanji
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    During Viola and Sanji's first encounter, Viola is performing a flamenco dance. The song she's dancing to foreshadows her eventual friendship with Sanji. 

    One of the lines in the song is “pata negra” which means “black leg” in Spanish. Black Leg is Sanji's epithet. Subtle! 

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    Dellinger Was Raised By Giolla

    After a fan mistakenly referred to Dellinger as a girl, Oda not only confirmed that he was a boy, but also explained that he has a feminine aesthetic because of how he was raised. Oda said:

    I'M SO SORRY! IT'S A DUDE!! Man, it seems like this incident stirred up a whole lot of confusion in the fandom. In reality, he was found by the Family as an abandoned infant and was apparently cared for by Giolla, but I guess she ended up raising him to her tastes as a girl.

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