15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Dressrosa Arc In ‘One Piece’

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The Dressrosa arc is the longest arc in One Piece, and it's also one of the most exciting. Whether it's your favorite arc or just one you find interesting, there's a whole lot of One Piece trivia from the Dressrosa arc that's worth knowing about. 

What are some things you didn't know about Dressrosa? When Sanji first meets Viola, the song playing in the background of her flamenco dance foreshadows their eventual friendship. One of the lyrics is "pata negra" which means "black leg" in Spanish. Speaking of Viola's relationships, the reason that she calls Donquixote "Doffy" is so spicy that Oda can't even fully explain what it is. Also, did you know that a lot of background characters are wearing a brand of T-shirts from Fish-Man Island?

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    Donquixote & Viola Share A 'Passionate Secret'

    A fan noticed that Viola and Doflamingo call each other by affectionate nicknames: "Doffy"and "Violet." They asked Oda what the two of them were thinking when they used those nicknames. Oda replied:

    "Hm, she was dashing against the enemy. There is a deep secret setting I can't tell you about though. I informed the supervisor about it, but since it is a pretty adult part of the story it remains hidden in the shonen manga which One Piece is. To all adults, please try to imagine yourselves. Dressrosa is truly a passionate country!!"

    While we can't say exactly what Oda means by this, it's safe to say that Viola and Donquixote have probably shared an intimate moment or two. 

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    The Two Corazons Have A Trait In Reverse

    Here's an interesting reversal. Vergo, the first person to use the code name Corazon, worked undercover as a Marine in order to gain intel for his fellow pirates. Meanwhile, the next Corazon, Rosinante, did exactly the opposite - he worked undercover as a pirate in order to gain intel for the Marines.

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    The Price On Dressrosa Is High

    Donquixote Doflamingo offered to give King Riku the rights to rule Dressrosa if he could pay a truly exorbitant price - 10,000,000,000 berries. This is the highest amount of money ever discussed in series history.

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    Dressrosa Feels Familiar To Luffy And Sabo

    Luffy and Sabo originally hail from the Goa Kingdom, a place where royalty and nobility have created a massive gap between classes that causes severe discrimination and human misery. When they observe the version of Dressrosa that exists under Donquixote's rule, they can easily recognize the similarities between the kingdoms. 

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    Viola's 'Passionate Dance' Foreshadows Her Friendship With Sanji

    Viola's 'Passionate Dance' Foreshadows Her Friendship With Sanji
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    When Sanji first sees Viola, she's performing her signature flamenco dance moves. The song that she's dancing to actually includes a reference to Sanji - it's hard to hear, but one of the singers says 'pata negra' which means black leg in Spanish - black leg, of course, being Sanji's epithet. This foreshadows their later friendship. 

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    The Donquixote Pirates Have A Ton In Common With Baroque Works

    The Donquixote Pirates have a surprising number of things in common with Baroque Works, a bounty hunting organization led by Crocodile. Both are led by Warlords of the Sea, and both include princesses who infiltrated the organization to save their homeland from it. Both have members who started off as the Straw Hats enemies and later became their friends. Both planned to frame the royal family for committing atrocities while undeservedly looking like heroes themselves. Both have members with similar powers - for example, Galdino and Giolla both have powers that they use for artistic purposes, while Daz Bonez and Baby 5 can both turn their bodies into literal weapons. 

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