15 Things You Didn't Know About East Blue In 'One Piece'

From the protagonist's life to the story of One Piece, everything starts in East Blue. Because this ocean and its many islands are so integral to the story, you might want to learn more about it. We've got you covered with a whole bunch of things you didn't know about the East Blue in One Piece.

Let's start with Baratie, the floating restaurant where the Straw Hats first encounter Sanji. Did you know that Oda based the restaurant off of a job he once held at an eatery called Baratei? Here's another cool bit of info - you probably knew that Bell-mère was a Marine, but you may not have realized that she's most likely a captain or an even higher ranked official. 

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    Oda Named Baratie After A Job He Held

    Writing manga isn't the only job that Oda has ever done. He used to work in a restaurant called Baratei (薔薇亭) which literally means "Rose Arbor." This seems to be what inspired the name of the Baratie restaurant.

    It sounds like Oda was much better at creating manga than he was at working in a restaurant. Apparently, he often broke plates, spilled soup, and even occasionally stole food. Still, his old boss liked him enough to want him to come back and visit. 

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    Yosaku Appeared In A French Textbook

    Yosaku Appeared In A French Textbook
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    Yosaku is a bounty hunter who follows Zoro around alongside Johnny. He appears in a totally unexpected place - a French science textbook called Sciences et Technologie. An image of him suffering from scurvy is used to explain the disease. If Yosaku accomplishes nothing else in life, at least he educated children. 

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    Business Is Booming At Baratie

    Baratie has undergone several renovations throughout the series, making it bigger and more modern, and equipping it to serve more customers. But it hasn't just expanded its original location - it also has two spin-off locations that are run by its employees. Meat Master Carne and Patissier Patty both run their own restaurants - presumably, these spots specialize in meat and pastries respectively. 

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    Some Locations Are Based On Real Places

    Many East Blue locations were inspired by real-world countries and cities all over the world. Syrup Village was inspired by the rural villages of England, while Loguetown was based on Florence, Italy. Cocoyasi Village, meanwhile, was created with Indonesia in mind, while Shimotsuki Village is inspired by Nara, Japan.

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    It's Known As The Weakest Sea

    Despite being home to a few of the strongest pirates in the One Piece world, East Blue is considered the weakest sea of them all. This is mostly because the average bounty of pirates in the area is just 3,000,000 berries. Unless a pirate hits 10,000,000 berries, they aren't considered especially formidable. 

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    Arlong's Hat Is Super Expensive

    The Arlong Pirates are known for extorting huge sums of money from village residents. What do they do with all that money? One thing they do is buy fancy hats. Arlong's hat is valued at 100,000 berries. For context, that's the same amount of money that Bell-mère had as her life savings when the Arlong Pirates attacked. Arlong took her life over the cost of a designer hat.