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15 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Erza Scarlet

Known for her extreme strength, brash attitude, and key role in the Fairy Tail Guild, Erza Scarlet is one of the most popular characters in Fairy Tail, not to mention one of the most popular female anime characters, period. But even if you absolutely adore Erza, you still may not know everything there is to know about her. Let's get into some of the exciting trivia behind the red-haired weapons master. 

If you didn't watch the Welcome to Fairy Hills omake, you may not have realized that Erza has a scintillating hobby - she likes reading erotic novels. On the battle side of things, you probably knew that she had a ton of weapons and armor, but did you know that she has over 200 weapons, and over 100 pieces of armor? 

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    She Enjoys Racy Books

    During an omake called Welcome to Fairy Hills, Levy informs Lucy that Erza is a fan of racy or inappropriate books. It's not clear whether she means slightly spicy romance or straight-up porn, but either way, it adds an interesting dimension to Erza's character.

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    She Has A Unique Take On Modesty

    Most female anime characters get angry when they find out that a male character might be trying to watch them while they're bathing naked in a hot spring, but when this happens to Erza, she couldn't care less - she's happy to have her male guildmates join her in the bath. She's also completely fine with walking around naked or scantily clad around them, or claiming that she'd like to shower with them. This contrasts dramatically with her generally conservative self-presentation. 

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    Mashima Can't Keep Track Of Her Armor

    Mashima once said that he can't keep track of how Erza's armor is designed, so he changes things up every time she appears. Since she has so many different pieces of armor, this doesn't totally read as an inconsistency, though it might in a different series.

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    She's An Angry Drunk

    Though usually quick to anger, Erza's temper truly flares when she's been indulging in lots of alcohol. But she doesn't just get mad  - she can also be super forgetful, failing to recognize even people she knows well. 

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