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20 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Fish Pokemon

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From the land to the sky to the sea, Pokemon can be found just about anywhere. The ocean is teeming with a wide variety of fish Pokemon. While not necessarily the most popular kind of Pokemon in the world, there are some seriously cool ones that are worth knowing about, and some awesome trivia to be learned.

Let's get into some of the things you didn't know about fish Pokemon. You may know that Lumineon's fins exude a beautiful glow. What you may not know is that that light is intended to attract Lumineon's prey, but that sometimes it attracts its predators instead. Wait until you hear about how intense Seaking's fans are!

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    Sharpedo Was Once A Starter Pokemon

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    When the demo version of Ruby and Sapphire debuted at Japan's Pokemon Festa 2002, players didn't start with Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip. Instead, they started with a Level 12 Sharpedo that had no Ability. This was for the purposes of the demo only, but it's still cool to imagine the vicious shark as a starter Pokemon. 

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    Relicanth Is A 'Perfect Lifeform'

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    Relicanth was thought to have gone extinct over 100 million years ago, but was recently discovered living at the bottom of the sea. It hasn't changed at all during those 100 million years, because it's already a perfect lifeform. Why is it perfect? The Pokedex describes a hardy body that's capable of surviving in a high-pressure deep-sea environment, as well as a diet of microscopic lifeforms that are easy to come by. 

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    Horsea Have Whirlpool Competitions

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    By swimming rapidly in a dance-like fashion, Horsea can generate whirlpools. It loves competing with other Horsea to see who can create the biggest ones. 

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    Lanturn's Light Is Created By Bacteria

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    If you've ever wondered what creates the light produced by Lanturn, here's the answer. The orbs on its body contain bacteria that absorb Lanturn's bodily fluids, and use it to create light. 

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