15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Four Emperors In ‘One Piece’

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The Four Emperors are recognized as some of the most powerful people in the One Piece world. The group, which is also known as the Four Yonko in One Piece, once included Shanks, Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kaido, but after Whitebeard's demise his role went to his slayer, Blackbeard. Each one of them is a fascinating character in their own right. There are plenty of interesting bits of trivia and little-known details to learn about, so let's get into it.

What are some of the things you didn't know about the Four Emperors in One Piece? Here's one: Did you know that Oda was inspired to create Whitebeard by a bartender he knew in real life? Here's another real world connection: Kaido's belt is super similar to the belts worn by high-ranking sumo wrestlers. Also, did you know that Blackbeard has a mother and two sisters?

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    Whitebeard Was Inspired By A Bartender Oda Knew

    According to the data book One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements, Whitebeard was inspired by a bartender who worked at a pub that Oda once frequented with his manager.

    Unfortunately, the bartender passed in 2007, but if he's anything like Whitebeard, he was probably a pretty awesome guy. 

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    Kaido Has A Lot In Common With His Nemesis

    Kaido is no fan of Kozuki Oden, but there are a ton of interesting parallels in regards to their lives. Both were born 59 years ago, and both of them raised their children - born 28 years ago - to follow in their footsteps. Kaido began life traveling constantly, and is currently invested in staying in Wano and keeping other people out. Meanwhile, Kozuki Oden was born in Wano, but all he wanted was to leave and experience the world.

    Their kids didn't feel the way they did, though. Momosuke didn't have his father's adventurous spirit - like Kaido, he wanted a home base in Wano. Meanwhile, Yamato was more like Kozuki Oden. To Kaido's kid, Wano felt like a trap. The crossover goes even further - Yamato assumed Kozuki Oden's identity, while Momosuke ate an artificial version of Kaido's Devil Fruit.

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    How Many Kids Has Big Mom Had?

    It's not for nothing that Charlotte Linlin is called Big Mom - she has a truly staggering number of children. A fan asked Oda a question that led to his giving a breakdown of exactly how many children she had, and over what time span. He said:

    Big Mom is currently 68 years old, and for about 42 years, she had children annually. Yet she had 85 children, so there are tons of twins and triplets. The biggest batch is a decuplet bunch who are all 18 years old now - five boys and five girls!! Big Mom, indeed!!

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    How Does Big Mom Find Fathers For Her Children?

    With so many children and no permanent husband in sight, you have to wonder how Big Mom managed to get pregnant so many times. A fan gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed that she just had an active dating life, but according to Oda, it's a bit more disturbing than that:

    Being a pirate, she kidnapped them, had kids with them and then threw them away!! Her only goal was to have as many kids from every race as possible. A truly frightening woman.

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    They Have Their Honor

    The original Four Emperors vary in their temperaments and values, but they all have one thing in common: a sense of honor. Each of them has something that they consider absolutely unforgivable, and requiring immediate retribution.

    For Whitebeard, anyone who hurts his crew mates is unforgivable. Shanks is similar - he can't forgive those who hurt his friends. The worst thing you can do to Kaido is interrupt one of his fights, while the worst thing you can do to Big Mom is hurt someone she owes. 

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    Shanks Has A Few Major Differences From The Other Emperors

    In many ways, Shanks isn't like the other Emperors. For one thing, he isn't villainous, unlike three out of the five of them. But there are other ways in which he stands out. He is the only one not to have consumed a Devil Fruit. Despite that, his powers are on par with the others.

    He's also the only one not to be an admiral of a fleet, and the only one who wasn't born somewhere beyond the Grand Line. 

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